A “Low Cost, High-Quality Service” for products, services, and plenty of features in a professional setting is our way of giving back.

We also provide features that a client may not be aware of but definitely needs for little or no additional cost.

Why do we care so much?

Our business actually helps other small to medium size businesses grow and hopefully, they too will give back, and that alone is a good thing.

We Love To Create Websites

How We Develop, Design and Price Our Websites At Very Affordable Prices!

Our website design prices are very affordable for the services we offer. They are justified by the amount of time we spend on each project. We are Certified by TemplateMonster and have built hundreds of websites and many custom.

As the business owner I really don’t look at designing websites as being a “Job” because I enjoy doing it so much. However, because we are professional web designers, our overall pricing is much lower when compared to a typical design studio’s website design prices. The prices we offer for web design are very affordable. Each design is specific to the needs of our individual satisfied clients.

Our Development Process for Custom Websites

1  Why should you hire us to build you an excellent website? Because we care! And we are very knowledgeable, professional, and efficient at the job we do. We believe in listening to what you tell us you want your website to look like and the type of functionality you would like to see in it. We even have a wide selection of themes that may be similar to the website design you have in mind. This can be a great time saver which avoids time wasted creating designs that could be rejected. This way we start with a more solid foundation and it saves you time and money as well.

2  Let’s talk about the details. We discuss which features you require and even possibly those you may want to avoid or remove. Even if you currently have a live site you might find it necessary to remove something because it’s no longer needed. Also, if needed, we will discuss changes to the template including color, fonts, images, and the general layout.

3  Following your instructions from step 2, we will then design or modify the template or website to suit your business, product, or demographic needs. We have been in the website design business for well over 30 years, so we bring a little experience to the table.

4  If you don’t have access to a domain name and a hosting account yet don’t worry, just visit our Tootle Website Hosting Service. We can save you money on domain name and hosting too! Also, we use a process that allows us both to safely view your website “Live” as we build it. This way you can actually see your site during each phase of the design process. We find this approach to be much better than emailing you images of the new design for approval. 

Now, not only can you see what’s going on, you have better control by seeing your site and how it works. Now you can accept or reject the design with confidence and more quickly move to the next step. No more time is wasted reworking and resubmitting a design for approval.

5  Once you have accepted the design as agreed and are confident that everything works we start the process of final preparation for the website. Any final programming work is completed at this time. You can check on the progress of the site anytime simply by going to the site URL and viewing it. 

During this process, if you choose, your website can be completely live on Google and this will greatly benefit your site. Google loves fresh new content when it comes to ranking your website. If Google doesn’t recognize your site it won’t matter how good it looks because no one will see it!

6  When the site is complete we schedule a meeting where we can guide you through the features of the website and answer any questions you may have. We will also give you up to 3 hrs of training on using your new website.

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